Transcend your Everyday.

Immersed in nature. Cradled in luxury.

Immerse. Engage.

Regain your perspective.

The Sailing Yacht Kaori is an extraordinary charter vessel.

As a wind-powered craft, with every sailing, we are surrounded by the wonder and beauty of nature.

In addition to its low carbon footprint, this luxurious super yacht comfortably hosts up to eight guests in four cabins, including a full beam master stateroom, adjoining study, wireless internet, and a crew of 7 dedicated to first class service.

The unparalleled beauty of nature is the palet from which the natural beauty of Kaori was modeled. Clevis and shackel, stainless and teak, foresail and mainmast. Every component of Kaori blends within a functional design to create an artform that is immersive. A sense of oneness rarely found in todays world. It stirs the soul, invites grattitude, and inspires ones dreams.

“Hark now, hear the sailors cry: Smell the sea and feel the sky.
Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic.”


– Van Morrison

The Experience

SY Kaori is the ideal yacht for those who wish to blend luxury with true, expedition-style yachting.

She can sail worldwide in comfort, from the Northwest Passage to Antarctica and across the globe. Kaori has circled the world 6 times and hosted some of the world's most exclusive guests, surrounding them with nature and intimate comfort.


Environmentally Responsible

SY Kaori's low carbon footprint begins with her wind power and continues through her  hybrid technology design.  Every aspect of her outfitting  enables her to bear guests in comfort through every climate, from the Northwest Passage to the tropics. On every voyage, our crew includes a naturalist with a love of the local environent, peoples, and natural wonders.  Guiding our guests as they immerse themselves on the road less traveled. Luxury and natural beauty coexist with responsible yachting aboard The Sailing Yacht Kaori

Our Mission

Unequaled Luxury & Service

With her gracious interior spaces, large coach windows, open floor plan and  30' beam, she is an ideal yacht for charter expeditions. A seasoned crew of seven attends to your every comfort. Her beautiful cherry and teak spaces provide a flowing sense of elegance and comfort. Large glass windows lower to  invite the ocean breezes and a sense of oneness with the sea. Four separate deck levels offer staterooms to  salons to skylounge in a rich blend of bespoke elegance. 

Accommodations & Amenities

Extraordinary Destinations

Kaori’s spectacular destinations, whether winning the famed Bermuda Bucket Race or cruising across the Atlantic to the beaches of San Trope, are adventures of a lifetime. But many of her guests most memorable times have been off the beaten track. From Alaska to Latin America, California to southern Japan, Fiji to the Indian Ocean. We voyage and explore the courses less traveled. Combined with her extraordinary wind-powered efficiency, Kaori carries nearly 23,000 liters of fuel, for a range unrivaled by nearly any other vessel in her class.

Where We Sail

“The Kaori is exceptional.

“This was by far the best vacation we have ever been on.

The crew made our experience top notch. Everyone involved was always attentive and focused on our comfort and enjoyment.

I hope there are more options to charter because we are hooked now!”

– A. Chambers, Atlanta –